Artificial Rock Waterfall Remodels

Artificial rocks are made up of three simple products; rebar, diamond lath and cement.

Artificial water features are safe as long as they are built correctly. Here at Rockworks we have put together a process that ensures our waterfalls are structurally sound whether we build them new or we remodel an existing water feature. Most artificial water features are like a shell. Some companies install the rebar, shape it to the way they want it to look, then place the lath over the rebar and shoot cement on top. Doing it this way leaves your metals exposed to the elements. This allows it to rust and break, leaving your water feature with some safety concerns. As a result we find a lot of water features that are in need of an overhaul.

If your water feature is not structurally sound it will have some large cracks, chunks falling off and maybe even holes. It is normal to have some settling and minor cracks will happen over time, but large holes and cracks are a sign that your water feature may need some structural work done.

We can repair most artificial water features. We start by making a hole in the back so we are able to see the inside. This way we can assess what is happening and tell you exactly what we need to do to fix it. Most times we will remove the rusty rebar and replace it with new rebar. We will build concrete columns out to secure it and add support. We will shoot gunite in at a very high pressure to ensure the utmost structural integrity while encasing the steel so it doesn't rust in the future.

Now that the structural integrity has been restored we can focus on making your water feature beautiful again! Please take a look at the gallery to see some of our work!

This is what happens when rebar is not encased in concrete. It rusts and falls apart.